Is MMT finally responding to Noble?


Is MMT finally responding to war?

Some weeks ago; Masofa Panze hit maker Noble Stylez sprayed some lickshots on popular Hip-hop group MMT. It struck a lot of debates and mixed feelings around Social Media.

MMT’s anticipated video, Zvidhori did not step up to the expectations of most fans and made their rivals even happier. We are not going to talk much about the video but a week before, Noble Stylz had dropped his Masofa Panze. It’s all over social media, there is a rising battle. Last night (23 October, 2013) Xndr (MMT Producer) took a shot at Masofa Panze and the post at the time of writing this is still receiving outrageous comments.

The big guys are not commenting or saying their position but Munetsi reshared it. Noble has been very vocal on his wall about overthrowing MMT. Am sure he even commented on that post. Meanwhile today MMT has said it’s not on its way out and is ready for war on their fb page.

“Any MC worth his bars is gna bk
himself pahondo. Hapana patichatya
vanhu venyama sesu! We aint headin 4 the hills, WE’R COMIN! #

Things just got real and am happy I live in this time. This is fun; I want to see what they have planned but it better work because I underestimated Noble’s following at first. I also don’t underestimate MMT’s planning ability. All is good in love and war and this is really something that will stimulate competition in Zimhiphop.

Hiphop is a very provocative art sometimes. A lot of indies are speaking against beef but I am beef loving sometimes and I urge troops to join in from any of the sides. Come on don’t be acting all diplomatic about this. I know you have a side you run with. It’s time to come out clean I mean we can’t just watch, I am the refferee “preeee” may the battles begin. #Provokatif


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