LOVE. Oh my God! That four letter word. It may be a four letter word,but it can tear you apart. I had decided to forget all about love after my heart had been broken more than once. The first person to break my heart was God. He took my mother away from me. She was the only person I had and trusted,but He took her away. I never knew my father,my mother always avoided talking about him.
Then I fell in love with Ricky. Oh Ricky! He was everything you will ever want from a man,but I didn’t know that he was married. After I found out, I broke up with him and I broke up with God for letting someone break my heart. I made a promise that I will never love again.

”Good morning Grace.”
”Good morning Jack. How are you this morning?”
”I’m more than fine. So have you thought about my offer?”
”I’m sorry Jack,but I got too much work,so I can’t go out for lunch.”
”It’s fine Grace. You’ll be free one day.”he said trying to make me feel guilty. I just winked at him and went into my office. Jack was a fine gentleman. He was a bachelor. He had the looks and a stable salary. The only thing that made me not to like him,was that he had dated every woman in the building. That made me hate him. He reminded me of Ricky. Ricky! Whenever his name comes to my mind, I feel like someone just stuck a million pins in my heart. I will forever hate Ricky for what he did to me. No one can ever break a woman’s heart the way he did. How would you feel knowing that the only pesorn you loved was using you to get what he wanted.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Went the phone as I got into my office. “Grace Moyo here!” I said to the reciever as I sat down. “Grace!” beamed a voice on the other end of the reciever. It was Mr Sibanda the company CEO. “Good morrning sir.” I said to the reciever. “No time for exchanging good mornings Grace. In my office right now.” he shouted.
Mr Sibanda was one hell of a person. In the office he was a dictactor, but outside he was a fine man. He was like a father to me. He always gave me the best advice and usually told me that I was destined for greatness.

I knocked in his office, and just like as I expected he shouted “Can’t you see its unlocked?” He said that to everyone who knocked at his office door, but if you dared enter without knocking, you were in for a lot of trouble. “Grace!” he said as I entered the office. “This is Tinashe Mangwere.” Refering to a gentle…. mxm. a man seated on one of the guest chairs. I felt my blood run cold.

by Tennyson Ncube


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