Beauty Told By Her- (Article About African Beauty by Moreblessing Size)


Read this thought provoking article by Moreblessing Size, she is a performance poet and writer. If  you want to know more about who she is click here to read her profile.

She was told that beauty could be seen,it was outward they said. So she painted her lips bright red, heavy mascara on her eyelids, foundation and a weave on her head. She put on a short dress and some heels and she walked like she was on fire confused .She thought then the world would call her beautiful. They forgot to tell her that character and strength were much more beautiful and could shine outward.

More Blessing Size performance Female  PoetBeauty in this our current world is quite complex in the way its interpreted .The media puts too much emphasis on the physical appearance of an individual especially with women ,it’s all about good hair, a model size figure ,designer clothes and well manicured nails .Young people in our current world suffer from low self esteem because of what the media portrays as ideal beauty .They forget to speak of real beauty ,beauty within an individual that outshines what the world sees at face value .Looks do not count for personality ,a lot of people display an aura of outward beauty which does not equate to like-ability. The modern age of pressure towards looks contributes to masses of young people resorting to surgery to alter their natural appearance. Some endure this for psychological reasons ending up with looks that only offer discomfort .Others merely for vanity, their opinion influenced by the thought that you only succeed in this generation according to how you look instead of who you are which inner beauty is.

Beauty within is much more important as it is strength of character .Beauty within does not change or deteriorate like facial beauty which changes due to climate changes .It is beauty that defines a person ,their personality ,humility, values ,morals ,intelligence ,kindness and good character .All these traits make someone  more beautiful as they cannot be taken away. A person might not look like a celebrity but if they know how to carry themselves and have the correct attitude, they exude beauty from within which is fascinating and attractive. People who are smart, confident, witty and approachable offer more beauty than an individual with the most attractive physical features who have no self confidence or a usable mind.

True beauty in my opinion must be something that is real in every sense .It cannot be created by makeup, skin surgery or money but rather is internally overflowing from the inside of a person. The overall personality and character of a person is truly what defines beauty that is lasting.

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