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Published on November 7th, 2014 | by zimlink


I Love You Because I Do – Love Poem

Our hearts beat together in sound unison:
You, me, and that of the King.
Three became one at the meeting of us two,
Unfolding, revealing, enchanted love that’s true.

Face in my palm, my mind begins to wander
The winged ponies in my tum paint rainbows;
Pure grandeur!
I love you like the sun loves the sky –
One without the other would be to surely die!

I hold you to me and my heart hugs yours;
Their little hands clasping, drawing us close.
I breathe you in when you exhale;
You are me and I am you.

By Anna T. D. Gowera

About the Author

The Zimlink team is made of of people from all over Zimbabwe and the UK, professional non – professional alike. Zimlinks main objective is opening a dialogue between Zimbabwe and the rest world through media. We will provide laptops, cameras and training in an on-going project in Zimbabwe, to spread to other countries once the model in Zimbabwe is tried and proven.
We have an online magazine, online channel & website with both UK and Zimbabwean editors with teams providing an open form for dialogue.

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  1. Tinovimbanashe says:

    Nice and original

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