Zimbabweans Are Power Hungry Says @Mcpotar


Zimbabweans are very educated people because of the educational policies we’ve had over the years, they are also good people to their neighbors or outsiders despite the drama they are made to go through in other countries, however there is one problem with Zimbabweans I have noticed am a victim of it myself.  We are a power hungry nation.

We are a very power hungry nation, despite the enlightenment of our education. We are very hungry for power… I am not talking of political power, no. I am talking about electrical power. We hunger for electricity to charge our phones, to cook to have complete lighting in a room.  When it comes to electricity we are like Starving Marvins. Some have made humor out of the power crisis, maybe it makes us feel better with a chuckle. From (ZESA) Zimbawe Electricity Supply Authority to Zimbabwe Electricity Sometimes Available. When there are a lot of articles and poems on one subject you know it has become a real problem. Artists report on society.

That hunger has become a hunger of solutions. Forums have been set up on social media to share views on this issue at a non-partisan level. Some have advocated for investment in renewable energy sources, some have talked about solar power and power saving techniques to aid the country through this rough patch.  Likewise knowing we all have little to eat I urge readers not to be wasteful of this resource for industry is supported by it. Industry is very vital for the development of the country and its economy.  A certain person in a forum suggested having a private company compete with the authority, there were mixed views about the issue but I assure you it was a very enlightening forum. I did not contribute much to it but I read much and took down much.

It is no longer time to make this a political issue, we need to put heads together as one people and really sit down to think, “how shall we eat,”we have been hungry for power for years now. Yes it is a regional issue but before it is regional, it is a country problem, a provincial one, a City based problem, until we get down to family level to individuals. If we start saving electricity as individuals and implementing the little alternatives such as using gas stoves (with caution), solar lamps, inverters and generators we will go a long way in preventing this hunger.

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  1. i support u on that one we need to do individual demand side management.Although i blame the utility on poor planning and load demand forecasting.we have been having these problems 4 the past 10 yrs we should have started constructing power stations way back in 2000.The electrical plans where done by our former colonialists it just needs implementation.


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