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Published on November 21st, 2017 | by frank nyamundero


We All Start From Somewhere

The  Journey

The  journey  of  life  has  its  own  way  of  unravelling  itself  to  the  world  at  large.  If you  follow  the  chronology  of  events  that  evolve  around  the  human  nature  you will  realise  that  there  is  a  certain  point  where  we  say  we  it  began  here.  From creation  you  can  trace  how  God  made  everything  and  put  it  into  being,  so  it  is with  our  live’s  we  must  have  some  trail  that  someone  can  trace  and  follow. Each  individual  who  is  successful  in  life  were  not  born  successful  but  they started  from  somewhere.  Which  gives  you  the  picture  that  there  is  always  a  first step  to  each  journey  that  one  embarks on  till they  get  to  the  top.

Being  on  the  top  is  not  an  issue  which  worries  me,  but  the  problem  is  that  many people  do  not  evolve  they  just  want  to  be  at  the  top  as  soon  as  they  take  the first  step  in their  journey.  Do  not  despise  the  level  of  how  you  have  begun  the journey  today  .for  that  in  itself  carries  a  lot  which  can  be  of  use  to  you  tomorrow. You  need  to  realize  that each  level  has  its  own  impact  on  your  outcome,  you would  value  that  you  got  somewhere  to  start  from  and  you  can  ride  on  that  as a  benchmark So  as  everything  that  has  a benchmark  which  you  would  have  started  on creates a  passage  of  how  to  live  your life.  Since  most  things have  worked  well in  the  past  and  somehow  become  a  one-trick  pony which  you  would  want  to use  in  achieving  a  goal.  Unfortunately,  what  has  worked  in  the  past  is  more than  likely  to  facilitate  the  status quo  as  a  benchmark,  but  it  is not  going  to get you  anywhere  new  or  innovative.

My  emphasis  is  on  valuing  that  place  or position  you  started  from  for  it  gives  you  clarity  to  the  direction  you  would  want to  take.  Most  of  us  we  lose  grip  of  what  we  want  to achieve  because  of  how  we would  have  started.  Know  that  every  success  story  told  under  the  sun  began from  somewhere  and  at  times  you  are  better  off  placed  than  where others started  from   Do  not  loose  heart  but  rather  take  courage  from  the  fact  that  you  got somewhere  to  start  from.  make  use  of  that  benchmark  as  a  catalyst  to  propel.


  1. Living  your purpose is your  success  to  the  maximum  at  the  end  of  it  all. At times  the  way  you  would have  started  may  not  be  the  way  you  saw  it  but  the  fact  remains  you  have started

The  journey  has begun  let’s  walk  till  we get  to  the  end  and achieve the  best we were  made for…….


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An extraordinary, diverse and dynamic leader and influencer of greatness, building Dreams to legacies that last a lifetime. A author, motivational speaker , Family Counsellor , Life and success coach who believes in helping individuals in different ways to capacitate each to understand and find their way around life to live a purpose fulfilled life till they reach their destiny

Founder of Inspired Life an organisation which focuses on mentorship, counselling, capacity building, community and personal development
I have one publication to my namemail, a devotional book titled LIVING YOUR PURPOSE Volume 1

“I want someone to look at me and say “because of you I didn’t give up “

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