The Mcpotar EP – New smashing hip hop release


If you haven’t heard the Mcpotar EP yet, that’s probably my fault for not having given you this review sooner! Born Michael Mupotaringa, Mcpotar is a rising infopreneur and hip hop artist (among other things), and oozes passion for music. Asked about his EP, here’s what the artist had to say:

The Mcpotar EP is a small collection of my rap music. It features a lot of rising producers, namely Rayo from Hitmen, Royal Prince, Krimz Beatz, ChiQoore and Amvis Instruments. All songs were recorded at Family Bizness which I co-own with Navy Seal and Leonard Chimanga. They were mixed and Mastered by MacMillan.

I decided to do an EP as a first step to completing goals. Over the years I always put an album as a New Year’s resolution but for so many years I did nothing. Not even singles. In 2013 I realized I was stagnant and no one else was going to move things for me. So I set up a website to create awareness of my brand as a writer, poet and rapper and I managed to gain popularity in circles that matter to me. The website success showed me I could indeed make goals and fulfil them so I said, “Let me try an album one more time” but before I did, I decided to begin with smaller goals so that I would learn and evaluate how online marketing works.

I did “My Struggle Your Struggle” at Xndr’s Rehab which featured Mik and used it as a pilot project to test my audience. In 2014 after Krimz Beatz handed me a free beat I wrote lyrics to it and decided to create an EP. The Mcpotar EP. Because an EP once again is a step ahead of a single but smaller project than an album this is once again just another goal realization step. I take small steps, evaluate and so forth. Whatever people think will be weak about the EP, I improve in the album and what they consider great is continued. Fulfilment of goals is a major to me. I am glad that there is a product to release freely and I have broken the shackles of procrastination.

It’s a 7 track EP. Featured artistes are Carlos, Annie Maliki, Sharky, NK Yiso, Navy Seal, and Cashbid.

With tracks like Popota, Amma Beast and Murderous Methodology, the EP is certainly #Provokatif. So, now that we’ve put the blame on me, go on and get with the program! Take a listen to the EP, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll soon have a favourite track playing on repeat. Now selling on iTunes: See the video for Where I Belong (Track No. 1 on the EP) here: 

Get more info on the EP and lots of other exciting content (like free music downloads!) on; follow him on facebook ( and twitter (@Mcpotar); and find him on Soundcloud, Reverbnation and YouTube.



Article by Anna Gowera


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