Project ZL

Project Zimlink Zimbabwe, to open a free exchange of knowledge and information, throughout communities, in the UK and Zimbabwe. Using media training, by providing tools; cameras and laptops to enable people to communicate their stories ideas and create opportunities both business and social.

4 months 1 car 20 countries, To drive along the east coast of Africa, from London to Harare link up with the zimlink team in Zimbabwe. Promoting zimlink and the sponsored organisations on route by providing a video dairy too credit sponsors in each country we move through, using images and video. Teaching, learning and creating links.

In Zimbabwe we will use 5 cities as jump off points

Harrare – Bulawayo – Mutare – Gweru – Masvingo

1 school in each city – 1 village in the surrounding area – 1 village school, orphanage or hostel.

Collecting the voices of the peoples of Zimbabwe, we will be documenting our journey to create a better in site into

Zimbabwe and the host of culture, life stories and art Zimbabwe has to offer the world, in return the zimlink UK team

will provide camera equipment laptops and training, build connections and links for the betterment of a greater

understanding, too share in the wealth of knowledge, both cultures have to offer.


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