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Published on April 23rd, 2017 | by Iyam


Story- Lokshin King by Tennson Ncube

Part 1

At times we get blinded by the flashy things that we see on TV and we tend to forget who or what we are doing our best to imitate the trending guy. We usually realize that we are headed into destruction when it’s too late. Some realize it when they find themselves gasping for oxygen, some realize it when they lose a loved one and some, like me realize it when they come face to face with three grey walls and rusty bars. It is then that you start seeing all the chances of redemption that you ignored on the road to self-destruction.
Each morning I kneel down in this God forsaken place and look up to Him and cry. I cry so that he can guide my son down the path of everlasting life. I cry that at least his mother raises him inside the church in a way that he will never depart from the ways of the Lord. If it weren’t for him I would have taken my life the day I entered this pig sty. How did I end up in jail at 19 with fifteen years in? I still remember it all like it was yesterday.
I’ve heard that if the devil wants to destroy a man’s life, he brings along that one woman he fantasies about. In my case the devil destroyed my life way before I became a man. Everyone at school was talking about her like she was some Hollywood princess or something.
“Ayo man I’m telling you, that chick is hot! H.O.T baba.” An old couple looks at us with disgusted eyes as we pass them at a bus top. We had gotten used to this kind of treatment by the older folks in our community. As my grandmother would say “You are a disappointment Sipho my grandchild?” A disappointment we were, all five of us but we cred not. In my eyes the life I was living was a perfect one.
“Sox boi, do you even know the meaning of the word hot? Who is this girl that you all talking about?” I took one long pull of the Everest cigarette we were smoking before I passed it to Sox.
Sox was silent as he pulled and puffed his way through the cancer stick. It had been two years since me and he started hanging out together and I realized that each time he was smoking, drinking or eating he became a mute. I asked him this one time why he was like that and he said he replied “Dude you high. You are imagining stuff.” A couple of days later as we were smoking weed at my house he came clean.
“Sipho ntwana yam, you’ve been nothing but honest with me from day 1 so I’ll do the same with you dog.” He sounded as if he was about to die. I looked at him and noticed that his right eye was swollen, I was about to ask him what happened when he continued “Remember when you asked me why I go mute whenever I got something in my mouth? It’s all because if that man many people call my father.” At that moment I knew everything. I let the marijuana do the listening as he narrated his story. Later on that day I called one of my friends Pamela, who I knew would make him feel at ease. From that day we became best buddies for life.
“So you trying to tell me you haven’t heard about Trisha?” he finally finished the cigarette.
“No man I haven’t.” I said with a glad voice. His silence always sent chills down my spine. I saw him smile a little and immediately knew I was in trouble.
“We are going to meet her after the English Lesson boi. She’s an angel you’ll see!” We bought mints at the school gate, tied our ties, dusted our shoes and walked into Sipho and Sox’s Empire.
“Sipho! Come see me during break time in room 12.” I turned and saw a beautiful girl I had no idea who she was. At least she had mentioned where she would be so I waved at her in agreement.
“Good for you!” Sox said with a smile. “But she’s in form 2 man.”
“Does it matter? She wants me, so I’ll give her what she wants.” Looking back I regret saying that.
“That’s my dog.” Two wrongs will never make a right.

The moment we stepped inside Nkulumane High, we became kings. We had the swag, we had the money and we had the strength to make others do what we wanted. Everyone shuddered at the mention of Sox and Sipho. I always knew the whole staff room was glad we were doing our last year. Since the day Sox walked into my classroom as a new comer in 2013 when I was doing form 2, nothing was the same. The more they punished us, the more we became mischievous, the more girls loved us, the more we became popular. We hardly attended lessons but we made straight A’s, I think that is why no matter how much trouble we got into, we were never kicked out of school. Tshabalala Police station had become a playground for us. It was amazing. My grandma had disowned me. I was in form 3 then, had been arrested for drinking and was accompanied by two officers. “Mapholisa!” she said in disappointment. “I’ve tried my best with this one, but I can’t seem to get him in line. Am now going to tolerate him because he is the only blood I have left, if it wasn’t for that I would have long kicked him out.” she said wiping tears off her face “You can’t kick me out of my father’s house gran…” Before I could finish my sentence a powerful hand had me on the floor in less than a second. “Respect your gogo you fool!” barked on of the officers. How I wish I had listened to him.

The siren signaled the end of the English lesson and we found ourselves at the door before Mrs Mguni. “Where are you two headed? Come back and sit down this instant!” the way she sounded, I could’ve sworn she was Undertaker’s mother. Luckily I had Sox by my side; he always had something to say all the time. “Ah! Mam, we are going to the toilet. We can’t hold it any longer.” Roars of laughter erupted as we took off like two dogs after a rabbit. In no time we had reached room four which is next to the scientific lab. “The 4N4s are in their bio lesson, let’s wait inside.” Like a puppet I paid attention to master Sox’s order. He is the one person who was never wrong when it came to the female species. The noise outside signaled the return of the fourth out of ten form 4 classes of Nkulumane High. As I had guessed the new girl was among the first group that entered the classroom. I could hear Sox whistling and praising the girls as they headed towards their seats. I couldn’t believe my eyes. After four years of wondering whether she was alive or dead here she was alive and as beautiful as ever. An angel she was. Slowly I found myself standing up from the desk with my mouth wide open with disbelief. She turned and faced me with a big smile in her face, winked and said “Hello Stranger!”

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